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Pet Food Delivery Services is the most convenient, reliable and trustworthy quality pet food and accessories delivery service in the Metro!

Its simple aims are to lessen the hassles and the costs of pet lovers!

With the worsening traffic by the day, time is becoming even more precious and we want to make sure we spend that time wisely and in the right things.

Waiting in line looking for pet food, carrying the heavy bags and spending extra on parking are things that are really not necessary now that there is Pet Food Delivery Services.

What are you waiting for? Try out Pet Food Delivery now and experience the no-frills convenience of having quality pet food delivered at your desired locations.



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I thank God for allowing us the opportunity to serve people through PFD. I really feel true joy every time our pet lovers feel the real convenience that our service provides for them. It's fast, and people love to get things fast. I also thank our many partners who believe in our vision of not just selling their pet products but providing convenience and trustworthy service. Finally, we thank God that through this service, we are able to somehow be a bridge for people and animal shelters. Often times, the costs we incur to get pet food to animal shelters does not make business sense at all but hanggang sa kaya namin, we love to be of help and the effort really is a blessing in and of itself. I'm just super thankful that we can serve people by grace just as how gracious our heavenly Father is to us.

Chief Executive Pet lover

The first main motivator for why Celina and I, at PFD do what we do, is because we believe the life that we have is really just temporary and is a gracious gift from God. We are simply stewards of the life He has given us and everything we are blessed with.

And so the motivation is that in whatever blessings we receive whether in business or skills or talents, we want to use that to glorify God by helping care for people and nature.
In PFDs particular case, it's caring for animals and caring for pet lovers.

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Chief Executive Pet Lover

The second motivator is because we are able to help alleviate man's forever problem of having 'no time'. PFDs service model is not rocket science; we're not curing cancer or inventing great new gadgets.

However, I think what we are curing is people losing time from people and moments that truly matter.
If a simple convenient, trustworthy and dependable pet food order and delivery service helps add more minutes for you to spend quality time with your family and pets, then that for us, is success.

As far as donations are concerned, it's being able to help individuals move their desire to help to actual action and fruition. We are able to help make a reality people's desire to provide help, at least for pet sanctuaries.
Why is that good? Because to help is to love and when people feel the goodness of helping, they want to help more and encourage others to help as well.

PFD is a sincere service that encourages help and fosters the culture and value of taking action with your desire to help.

We simply want to provide convenience to pet lovers in getting their pet food and other supplies and also be an efficient and trustworthy medium for donations for pet shelters.


These are the values that drive PFD!"

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