April 14, 2020

One of the worries that entered our minds when ECQ began were the far flung animal shelters.

With people now prioritizing personal welfare due to the times, would there be enough food for the pets at MBY Pet Rescue & Sanctuary? Having over 700+ Dogs and 300+ Cats is no joke when it comes to food and supplies expenses.

To our great encouragement, countless of individuals continued to order from us because they wanted to feed strays in their area and provide food for animals in the shelters.

Truly, there are plenty of compassionate people across the country, and most of them happen to be pet lovers as well :)

After over a month of not being able to deliver to MBY, as soon as we got clearance to deliver these, pet lovers immediately mobilized and sacrificed so that these pets would have food... for now!

Thank you Ms @maritabaquiran and to all the donors. It is an honor for PFD to serve you all in these efforts.

To the pet lovers who heeded the call, we salute you!

(5) Top Breed Adult 20KG
(1) Top Breed Puppy 20KG
(1) Pet One Cat Cuisine 20KG

(5) Top Breed Adult 20KG
(1) Top Breed Puppy 20KG
(1) Pet One Cat Cuisine 20KG

(3) Vitality Value Meal 20KG
(3) Pet One Puppy 15KG

(2) Special Cat 7KG

(2) Top Breed Adult 20KG

(3) Top Breed Adult 20KG

Lalisa PH
(1) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG
(3) Top Breed Adult 20KG


March 5, 2020

The focus of the TopBreed formulation is in the implementation of the right crude protein (CP) ratio that is suited to today’s companion dogs.

This ensures that the protein levels follow the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards to minimize the possible health issues that today’s dogs suffer from (e.g. liver and kidney problems).

These pet food were delivered to animal shelters in Laguna.

Thank you to the kind donors.


March 2, 2020


It is PFD's desire to always find ways to be of greater help to pet lovers throughout the metro as well as to animal shelters.

After a few months of planning, we are pleased to announce that our delivery fee to MBY and Pawssion Project is FREE again as of this post!

Thank you Rox for purchasing 5 Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg through PFD and having us deliver these to MBY.

Thank you for your compassion and for your care.

MBY is an animal shelter in Rizal, with over 1000+ dogs and cats under the care of Ms @maritabaquiran.

They consume over 15 pet food sacks daily and are always in need of vitamins and medicine such as Bravecto.

If you would like to provide any form of assistance to MBY, please feel free to message MBY or PFD and we would gladly guide you on how you may be of help.

Blessed Sunday everyone!


February 23, 2020

PAWSsion Project is a private animal shelter founded by @malouperezzz in Bacolod and Bulacan.

One of their primary advocacies is saving dogs from overcrowded pounds and dogs already on a row for mercy killing.

Another effort they do is finding adoptive pet lovers for the dogs.

There are already over 200+ dogs in Pawssion Project Bulacan and they easily consume over 3 Sacks a day and that's already mixed with rice.

We found a beautiful chow chow who was already showing early signs of blindness but other than that, healthy looking and super gentle and sweet.

We asked why the chow was at their care. One of the gracious caretakers said, the chow was given up by their previous owners due to the chow's aggressiveness.

After time with Pawssion Project, receiving the correct love, care and treatment, the chow is now so gentle, sweet and no presence of aggression whatsoever.

At Pawssion Project, they do not just house pets, they make all the effort to rehabilitate them then as much as possible, find new homes for them.

Thank you to our donors:

(4) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(1) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG
(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 8KG
(1) Special Cat 7KG
(3) Pet Wipes Medium 80 sheets

(3) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG

(1) Nylon Collar Small

February 9, 2020

It's no secret that due to the distance of MBY Pet Rescue & Sanctuary, an animal shelter in Morong, Rizal, housing over 800+ dogs and 300+ cats...

Essential needs are quite a challenge to get to them, with proper dog and cat food being one of them.

So when we receive a purchase for donation to MBY, despite it being 2-hours away from our warehouse and at times, it is just a few sacks...

We still get it to MBY because with over 1,000 hungry pets, a sack or two means an extension of life.

Thank you to our donors for MBY this weekend and thank you Ms @maritabaquiran for your commitment to caring for all the pets!

(1) Vitality High Energy Puppy 15kg

(2) Infinity Super High Protein 20kg


February 3, 2020

This is what 2 individuals with compassion can do:

Provide for the food for ONE DAY of over 800+ dogs and 300+ cats!

No sacrifice and effort is too small. Thanks to our donors for the weekend, the pets under the care of Ms Marita at MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary Pet Rescue & Sanctuary in Morong, Rizal, had a good day!

Thank you to:

(1) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG
(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG
(1) Special Cat 7KG
(1) Special Dog Pate with Beef Tripe 400G

Carly & Chooba @carlyandchooba
(6) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

If 2 individuals can provide life for a day, imagine what many can provide :)


January 26, 2020

No Donation Too Small

Thank you to the following gracious pet lovers who provided pet food for MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary over the weekend:

Harley & Lexus
(2) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(3) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 8KG

Despite all the care and effort that Ms Marita and her volunteers provide for the care of these cats and dogs, over 1,000 of them, there really is never a sure week of whether they will have enough food for them or not.

However, by the grace of individuals from all walks of life, the shelter manages to just get by and still provide care for the pets.

Let's help out when we can no matter what we can, pet lovers :)


January 22, 2020

A restaurant owner partnered with Pet Food Delivery to acquire and deliver products and items for Taal animal victims.

As a gift for their mother's birthday, they asked for people to provide donations to their restaurant.

This is true bayanihan!

Thank you Michelle for allowing us the opportunity to be of service to you and your restaurants donation drive.

(64) Infinity Cat Tuna Chicken Toppings 400g
(20) Classic Plastic Bowl


January 20, 2020

First Batch Of Pet Food Donations For Cats and Dogs Affected By The Taal Eruption

We at PFD are truly overjoyed that this past week, pet lovers united for all the right reasons!

As soon as we launched and communicated a donation drive for cats and dogs in need of food and care in the Taal area, love, action, and support immediately started flooding in.

PETA Asia has received this first batch of donations early this afternoon and they will transport these to their established operations site in Taal tomorrow.

There they will use these to feed and care for the many animals, who are in dire need of proper nutrients after having gone through weeks of minimal to no food and water since the volcano eruption.

There is still much that can be done to help pet lovers!

These donations, over 60 items of dog and cat food, will probably only last a few days at most

Please get in touch with Peta Asia on how you can be a volunteer staff in their Taal site.

Thank you Peta Asia for your relentless drive to provide care for all the animals and thank you Pet lovers for your generosity and sacrifice in providing these donations.

Your efforts are definitely not in vain.

2nd Batch Delivery will be on January 27, 2020 (Monday)

Please message PFD to donate.


(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(8) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(1) Dogibeef 22.7KG
(1) Cat Cuisine 20KG

(2) Dogibeef 22.7KG

(3) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

Ana Balingit
(4) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG
(2) Cat Cuisine 20KG

(6) Dogibeef 22.7KG
(4) Cat Cuisine 20KG
(1) Adult Wet Case
(1) Puppy Wet Case

(1) Dogibeef 22.7KG
(1) Cat Cuisine 2.5KG

(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(2) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(1) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG
(3) Nylon Lead+Harness Set -Small
(4) Nylon Lead+Harness Set -Medium
(5) Nylon Lead+Harness Set -Large

(1) Dogibeef 22.7KG

(1) Dogibeef 22.7KG

(1) Dogibeef 22.7KG

(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(2) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg

(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg


January 18, 2020

Thank you Lui and AJ for donating the following to MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary:

(2) Bow Wow Puppy Chow 15KG
(2) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG
(1) Pet One Cat Cuisine 20KG

A safe home for abandoned, abused and neglected cats and dogs, currently numbering over a thousand in total.

Ms @maritabaquiran, the private owner and caretaker of all the animals with a handful of volunteers sacrifice all they have in order to care for these pets.

It is individuals such as Lui and Aj who help sustain the proper operations of MBY :)

Like AJ and Lui, donations don't have to be plenty to count; the smallest size of pet food goes a long way, not just in helping MBY with its operations, but ultimately in extending the happy and healthy life that these pets deserve :)

Animal shelters need our help pet lovers... MBY needs our help!


Pet Food Delivery

Donation For Dogs & Cats

Affected By Taal Volcano Eruption

While we wish to make the delivery ourselves, there are already established organizations on the ground so it is best to support them.

Through PETA Asia , we will be donating/delivering dog and cat food to:

Unit 706, Fedman Building, 199 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Delivery will be on:
Jan 18, 2020
Jan 25, 2020

We have limited the items to these products as these are generally easily accepted by most animals:

Dog Food
Pet One Dogibeef 22.7kg - P1,410
Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg - P1,225

Cat Food
Pet One Cat Cuisine 20k - P2,300

To further support the effort:


Let's all take action Pet Lovers!

Please message us on FB, IG or at


January 11, 2020

At MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary, a shelter for over 800+ dogs and 300+ cats, it's not an exaggeration when we say, in this place, animals come first, people second.

For Ms @maritabaquiran and her trusted volunteers, their daily mindset is fixated on how to feed the animals, how to rehabilitate the animals, how to care for the animals, how to shoulder bills for caring for the animals and how to get loving people to care for and adopt some of the animals.

Their need for daily food is massive as they consume easily 15+ sacks of dog and cat food daily.

At times, the animals have no choice but to sleep with empty stomachs but on other days, the sanctuary is blessed with compassionate and generous individuals who selflessly provide for them.

Today, the selfless donors were:

(5) Top Breed Adult 20KG
(2) Top Breed Puppy 20KG

Harley & Lexus
(2) Bow Wow Maintenance 20KG

Should you wish to be of help to the sanctuary, please contact MBY or we may also help connect you to MBY or serve as your bridge to MBY in order to donate pet food to them.

Thank you Pet Lovers!


January 5, 2020

Kicking off the first Saturday of 2020 with pet food donations for MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary at Morong, Rizal :)

This is a private animal shelter housing and caring for over 800+ dogs and 300+ cats by Ms. @maritabaquiran and her handful of volunteers.

As we delivered these, we remember the many animals who have tragically lost their lives in Australia due to the bush and forest fires. Let's continue praying and helping however way we can.

We are amazed at the kindness and generosity of our donors for these and despite the many items donated this Sat and some more for next Sat, she would rather name these donations from her pets:

(5) Infinity Super High Protein 20kg
(2) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7kg

(5) Infinity Maintenance Adult 20kg
(3) Bow Wow Maintenance 20kg
(1) Cuties Catz Tuna 20kg
(5) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7kg

(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg

We hope this 2020, we can all help even more the many animal shelters and the people who work in these shelters!


December 15, 2019

When we buy gifts this Christmas for other people, we show them our love and care for them...

When we buy and donate food for the pets at MBY Pet Rescue & Animal Shelter, we are not just expressing our love to them...

We are in fact extending their lives :)

The 800+ dogs and 300+ cats cared for in the shelter by Ms Marita and her volunteers consume easily over 15 big sacks of food... a day!

Any help Is a blessing, any food donated is an extension of their lives.

Which is why we are so grateful for the ladies who donated this week :)

This Christmas Season, if you are blessed to do so, also put a smile on an animals face :)

3 Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg

1 Pet One Dogibeef 22.7kg
1 Pet One Cat Cuisine

1 Pet One Dogibeef 22.7kg
1 Bow Wow Adult Maintenance 20kg
2 Adult Special Cat 7kg

2 Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg
1 Powercat Fresh Ocean Fish 8kg

5 Pet One Dogibeef 22.7kg
3 Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg
2 Bow Wow Adult Maintenance 20kg


December 8, 2019

You want to hear something about dedication?

It's Josie's birthday today and she wanted to spend her day expressing her love and care to the pets at MBY Pet Rescue & Sanctuary!

Want to hear something about committment?

Josie lives in the area of Tagaytay! If you know where Tagaytay is and you know where Morong, Rizal is, you would understand that these are at two opposite ends on the map :)

But no matter for Josie, her mission today is to love the dogs and encourage the people who care for them.

Thank you Josie for being an inspiration and a true Pet Lover!

(1) Special Cat 7KG
(3) Bow Wow Adult Maintenance 20KG
(1) Cuties Catz Tuna 22KG


December 8, 2019

It's the season to splurge on personal wants and needs... but not for these individuals!

As Christmas Season nears, these people are still concerned about the welfare of the 800+ dogs and 300+ cats at MBY Pet Rescue & Sanctuary, in Morong, Rizal, under the private care of Ms @maritabaquiran

We thank you for your kind and generous heartsand the sacrifices that you make in order to regularly provide for the abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

(2) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(3) Pet One Cat Cuisine 20KG
(5) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG
(2) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG
(1) Bow Wow Maintenance 20KG

(2) Bow Wow Adult Maintenance 20KG

(5) Bow Wow Adult Maintenance 20KG

May we all be encouraged to do our little part to help :)


December 3, 2019

Despite the winds and rains, Team Kim Seokjin PH would not be deterred in getting much needed pet food donated to @pawsphilippines

Thank you team for your kindness and generosity!

Thank you also to our partner Pawrider for delivering safely :)

(1) Bow Wow Puppy Chow 15KG
(3) Bow Wow Maintenance 20KG
(1) Cuties Catz Tuna & Shrimp 22KG
(1) Pet One Cat Cuisine 2.5KG (CASE)


No truck... No riders... no problem!

November 23, 2019

Stuffed our car to the ceiling today with Pet Food Donations.

Just because they're cats and dogs, doesn't mean that somehow not having food is less painful for them than humans, so no time to delay :)

We thank our donors for this Saturday's delivery.

Danica, who lives in the United States, decided to spend her birthday funds and effort to donate pet food.

Truly what an inspiring sacrifice.

How many of us would spend our birthday funds not to celebrate but instead to donate for abused, abandoned and neglected animals?

Similarly, Karla and Mia donated; not thinking of the accolades, but in whatever they had available, they gave.

Thank you to all who provide support and help provide awareness.

These were delivered to MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary in Morong, Rizal.

A private animal shelter caring for over 800+ dogs and 300+ cats, all managed and run by a selfless individual, Ms @maritabaquiran and a handful of volunteers.

(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg
(1) Bow Wow Maintenance 5kg

(2) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg

Danica & The Woofy Gang
(3) Pet One Cat Cuisine 20kg
(5) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7kg
(2) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg
(1) Bow Wow Maintenance 20kg


Small but regular!

November 16, 2019

No, this is not a food order, this is instead what truly fills the bucket of need for MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary !

One sack regularly delivered daily versus 10 sacks delivered rarely truly makes all the difference for the care of the 800+ dogs and 300+ cats.

A consistent small amount allows the volunteers to plan long term and ensures the pets of a daily ration of food.

Let's all never feel discouraged if what we are able to donate may not be "large" enough.

A can, a pack or a sack goes a long way.

Thank you Pat for graciously donating and providing Pet One Adult Light 9.09KG (P850) for the dogs of MBY.


November 11, 2019

These may not be the best photos, but the journey that takes place for these pet food to arrive at PAWSsion Project is nothing short of having the best collective efforts of gracious hearts!

Under the care of Ms @malouperezzz and her volunteers, they continuosly care for over 100+ Dogs at the Pawssion Bulacan Shelter

On top of caring and rehabilitating dogs thru love and care and proper training, Pawssion also labors hard to also bring awareness to the public about concerns and challenges that our country face with regards to animal laws and proper animal care.

Should you be moved to provide support, please get in touch with them in IG or FB!

No donation is too small because all sincere help comes from a BIG heart :)

(2) Bow Wow Adult Maintenance 20KG

(1) Top Breed Adult 20KG

(1) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG

(2) Bow Wow Adult Maintenance 20KG
(1) Special Cat 7KG

(2) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(4) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG
(1) Bow Wow Maintenance 20KG
(1) Top Breed Puppy 20KG

(2) Bow Wow Maintenance 20KG


November 11, 2019

We are overwhelmed by the many individuals who poured out their hearts for our extended donation drive last week.

Many still wanted to provide support and pet food to MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary :)

Housing over 800+ Dogs and 300+ Cats, the founder Ms @maritabaquiran along with just a handful of volunteers, labor daily to rescue abused dogs found in the streets and care for abandoned, neglected and ill dogs at the shelter.

Should you feel moved to take action as well like our recent donors, please do get in touch with Ms Marita either on FB or IG.

Any help ripples to a positive impact :)

Thank you to our gracious donors:

(1) Bow Wow Adult Maintenance 20KG

(3) Bow Wow Adult Maintenance 20KG

(1) Top Breed Adult 20KG

(1) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG
(1) Powercat Fresh Ocean Tuna 8KG
(1) Special Dog Adult 20LBS
(1) Special Cat 7KG

(2) Bow Wow Adult Maintenance 20KG
(1) Special Cat 7KG

(8) Bow Wow Maintenance 20KG

(10) Pet One Cat Cuisine 20KG
(10) Top Breed Adult 20KG
(5) Top Breed Puppy 20KG
(3) Bow Wow Maintenance 20KG
(2) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG
(2) Special Cat 7KG
(1) Special Dog Adult 20LBS

(5) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG
(4) Powercat Fresh Ocean Tuna 8KG


November 7, 2019

Praise God for a successful October Donation Drive!

136 Sacks of Pet Food Donated to MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary!

56 Sacks of Pet Food Donated to PAWSsion Project!

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who generously and sacrificially donated :)

We will be making our final delivery this Saturday as part of the October Donation Drive and the discounted rates have been extended until Friday, November 8, 2019, so you may still place your orders until then.

It's a lot of hard work but I pray these efforts move us all to a greater awareness and accountability for each other and accountability for the pets and animals God has placed under our care.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your kindness and for helping me celebrate my October birthday Month with this donation drive :)

Let's keep doing good and sharing our blessings Pet Lovers!



October 19, 2019

October 19, 2019

October 16, 2019

There are many groups and individuals who, in the silence of their private properties, care for animals to the best of their ability.

They seek no fame, they seek no attention; just quietly and sacrificially doing their part in caring for animals.

Thank you A for graciously donating pet food to this private shelter.

It is selfless individuals such as yourself that complete the loop; people caring for animals and people willingly providing support.

Thank you Pawriders for getting these donations to where they are most needed!

Our October Donation Drive is still ongoing with significantly discounted prices for donations to MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary and to PAWSsion Project.

Please message us for inquiries.

(3) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg


October 6, 2019