April 14, 2020

One of the worries that entered our minds when ECQ began were the far flung animal shelters.

With people now prioritizing personal welfare due to the times, would there be enough food for the pets at MBY Pet Rescue & Sanctuary? Having over 700+ Dogs and 300+ Cats is no joke when it comes to food and supplies expenses.

To our great encouragement, countless of individuals continued to order from us because they wanted to feed strays in their area and provide food for animals in the shelters.

Truly, there are plenty of compassionate people across the country, and most of them happen to be pet lovers as well :)

After over a month of not being able to deliver to MBY, as soon as we got clearance to deliver these, pet lovers immediately mobilized and sacrificed so that these pets would have food... for now!

Thank you Ms @maritabaquiran and to all the donors. It is an honor for PFD to serve you all in these efforts.

To the pet lovers who heeded the call, we salute you!

(5) Top Breed Adult 20KG
(1) Top Breed Puppy 20KG
(1) Pet One Cat Cuisine 20KG

(5) Top Breed Adult 20KG
(1) Top Breed Puppy 20KG
(1) Pet One Cat Cuisine 20KG

(3) Vitality Value Meal 20KG
(3) Pet One Puppy 15KG

(2) Special Cat 7KG

(2) Top Breed Adult 20KG

(3) Top Breed Adult 20KG

Lalisa PH
(1) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG
(3) Top Breed Adult 20KG


March 5, 2020

The focus of the TopBreed formulation is in the implementation of the right crude protein (CP) ratio that is suited to today’s companion dogs.

This ensures that the protein levels follow the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards to minimize the possible health issues that today’s dogs suffer from (e.g. liver and kidney problems).

These pet food were delivered to animal shelters in Laguna.

Thank you to the kind donors.


March 2, 2020


It is PFD's desire to always find ways to be of greater help to pet lovers throughout the metro as well as to animal shelters.

After a few months of planning, we are pleased to announce that our delivery fee to MBY and Pawssion Project is FREE again as of this post!

Thank you Rox for purchasing 5 Bow Wow Dog Chow 20kg through PFD and having us deliver these to MBY.

Thank you for your compassion and for your care.

MBY is an animal shelter in Rizal, with over 1000+ dogs and cats under the care of Ms @maritabaquiran.

They consume over 15 pet food sacks daily and are always in need of vitamins and medicine such as Bravecto.

If you would like to provide any form of assistance to MBY, please feel free to message MBY or PFD and we would gladly guide you on how you may be of help.

Blessed Sunday everyone!


February 23, 2020

PAWSsion Project is a private animal shelter founded by @malouperezzz in Bacolod and Bulacan.

One of their primary advocacies is saving dogs from overcrowded pounds and dogs already on a row for mercy killing.

Another effort they do is finding adoptive pet lovers for the dogs.

There are already over 200+ dogs in Pawssion Project Bulacan and they easily consume over 3 Sacks a day and that's already mixed with rice.

We found a beautiful chow chow who was already showing early signs of blindness but other than that, healthy looking and super gentle and sweet.

We asked why the chow was at their care. One of the gracious caretakers said, the chow was given up by their previous owners due to the chow's aggressiveness.

After time with Pawssion Project, receiving the correct love, care and treatment, the chow is now so gentle, sweet and no presence of aggression whatsoever.

At Pawssion Project, they do not just house pets, they make all the effort to rehabilitate them then as much as possible, find new homes for them.

Thank you to our donors:

(4) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(1) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG
(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 8KG
(1) Special Cat 7KG
(3) Pet Wipes Medium 80 sheets

(3) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG

(1) Nylon Collar Small

February 9, 2020

feb 9.jpg

It's no secret that due to the distance of MBY Pet Rescue & Sanctuary, an animal shelter in Morong, Rizal, housing over 800+ dogs and 300+ cats...

Essential needs are quite a challenge to get to them, with proper dog and cat food being one of them.

So when we receive a purchase for donation to MBY, despite it being 2-hours away from our warehouse and at times, it is just a few sacks...

We still get it to MBY because with over 1,000 hungry pets, a sack or two means an extension of life.

Thank you to our donors for MBY this weekend and thank you Ms @maritabaquiran for your commitment to caring for all the pets!

(1) Vitality High Energy Puppy 15kg

(2) Infinity Super High Protein 20kg


February 3, 2020

This is what 2 individuals with compassion can do:

Provide for the food for ONE DAY of over 800+ dogs and 300+ cats!

No sacrifice and effort is too small. Thanks to our donors for the weekend, the pets under the care of Ms Marita at MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary Pet Rescue & Sanctuary in Morong, Rizal, had a good day!

Thank you to:

(1) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG
(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG
(1) Special Cat 7KG
(1) Special Dog Pate with Beef Tripe 400G

Carly & Chooba @carlyandchooba
(6) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

If 2 individuals can provide life for a day, imagine what many can provide :)


January 26, 2020