October 19, 2019

­A pair of mournful eyes peeks out fro­m between metal bars.

Whiskers twitch in anticipation, ears cock, and a little head tilts as a child and his parents walk by.

Will this family be the one?

This scenario is replayed millions of times each year around the country.

Animals that are either lost or no longer wanted by their owners are dropped off at MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary in Morong, Rizal, where over 1000 dogs and cats are housed and cared for by Ms Marita Baquiran and her handful of volunteers.

Sadly, shelters are the last stop for more than half of the animals that end up there.

Our hearts go out to our gracious donors this week who, because of their generosity and sacrifice, extend proper nutrition and joy for all the pets:

(4) Top Breed Adult 20KG
(5) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG
(1) Pet One Cat Cuisine 20KG
(2) Special Cat Adult 7KG

(4) Bow Wow Maintenance 20KG

(1) Bow Wow Maintenance 20KG
(1) Pet One Adult Wet Can Case

(2) Top Breed Adult 20KG

(5) Pet One Dogibeef 22.7KG
(1) Pet One Cat Cuisine 20KG
(2) Top Breed Puppy 20KG

(1) Infinity Maintenance Adult 20KG
(1) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

(3) Top Breed Adult 20KG

(3) Bow Wow Dog Chow 20KG

Any help goes a long way.

Would you like to help? :)


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