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Let's keep our pets safe also from the Coronavirus!

Can animals get coronavirus?
Yes. The current strain is actually being linked to snakes sold at market. In this case, it appears that animals carrying the virus were able to pass it to a human host through the consumption of its meat. (This is still being investigated by the Center for Disease Control.)


Can my dog get coronavirus?
There is Canine Coronavirus Disease – however, it does not seem to be linked to this strain.


What are the symptoms of coronavirus in dogs?
Coronavirus doesn’t often cause symptoms in dogs, but on the few occasions that it does, you may notice a sudden onset of diarrhea, along with lethargy and poor appetite. Your dog’s diarrhea may contain blood or mucus, and if the infection occurs while your dog is suffering from another disease, like Parvovirus, it will cause it to become more severe.
Of course, these symptoms could point to a number of other issues, so be certain to see your vet.


Can I get coronavirus from my dog?
At this point, there have been no reported cases of 2019-CoV in dogs.


Can I give my dog coronavirus?
If you believe that you may be infected, you should immediately contact your doctor, and let them know you suspect that you may be infected before going to see them, so they can take precautions.


Be safe pet lovers!




YOU Did It Again Pet Lovers!

We find ourselves again at a loss for words as we accept this award from the 2020 National Customers' Choice Annual Awards for:


Thank you Pet Lovers for graciously nominating PFD for this!

It is our true joy to be of service to all of you, whether it be through personal orders for your pets or orders for donations in all the various animal shelters across Luzon.

Thank you to all our partners and thank you to our Pawriders!

It is in our harmonious relationships that we are able to achieve the highest and kindest of service for all people!

Finally, absolutely none of this is possible if not for our sovereign God allowing us all this opportunity.

To God alone be the glory in all this and we pray that we are able to continue improving our distinct and sincere service standard every single day!

Thank you everyone!



Hi Pet Lovers!

Please allow us a moment to say thank you to all of you, to all our partners and to Philippine Buyers' Choice Awards for choosing and recognizing Pet Food Delivery Services as the:

#1 Trustworthy Pet Food Delivery Services Provider in Marikina City

In less than a year of operations, we are truly humbled to receive our first award for the service that we provide.

Thank you to everyone who continue to support and trust our services, whether it be in pet food, pet accessories or pet recipes or partnering with us in our advocacies in providing food for animal shelters across Luzon!

Most importantly, we thank and praise the Lord God almighty for allowing all these blessings and the opportunity to serve people and their pets, for by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities, all things have been created through Him and for Him.

For those who haven't experienced convenient, reliable and trustworthy pet food and pet accessories delivery service from PFD... we hope to serve you soon :)

Congratulations to all of us Pet Lovers!